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Say “Hello” to the guys who bring you the world’s finest hummus…


    John Davis, VP of Marketing


    In conversation he’ll envelope you with the warmth and hospitality of a language we affectionately call Gilgamesh; a hybrid dialect composed from vats of English, a cup of Hebrew and a splash of Spanish. This former army officer thinks there’s nothing better than a good laugh, which is why he can’t stop watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

    John’s childhood dream was to become a super hero, and there’s no doubt he’s ours. His business and finance expertise has helped EWEL hummus soar out of the fields and into supermarkets at record speed. He’s known for keeping us on track, when let’s face it, some of us might be tempted to enter a competitive beer-drinking contest. Gil’s special talent is being able to sleep anywhere and through anything, including a giant chopper landing at his feet.


    Bob Smith, VP of Sales


    Bob’s love of hummus likely took root at the great Jewish deli he worked at in high school, but those inner passions went undetected at the time. He marched off to college to major in economics, what was he thinking? A born entrepreneur, Bob is an expert at ruffling the feathers of higher ups with questions like, “What if we made hummus from different beans?”

    No matter, his ability to swear in multiple languages has always gotten him through the stickiest situations. Today Bob travels the nation bringing EWEL hummus to grocers’ shelves. Chances are if you see a tall, handsome dude at an airport singing the virtues of beans, that’s our Bob. And, if you’re lucky enough to meet him, you’ll be tempted to ask him what it’s like to donate more than 10 gallons of platelets and plasma to help cancer and kidney dialysis patients.


    John Caid, VP of Operations


    As a kid, John dreamed of becoming a Formula racecar driver, and admits that sports evokes deep emotions in him. Which is why he’ll often blurt out at unexpected times, “The Thrill of Victory!” or “The Agony of Defeat!” Which is also to say if he invites you to a Pats game, know what you’re getting into. Medical technology was John’s college major, which explains perfectly his career trajectory to managing the distribution of the world’s best hummus today.

    Talk to John for any length of time and he’ll share with you his Maritime passions, how he lives in a storm ready community, and that when the skies turn dark and angry he keeps the neighborhood’s mood light as V.P. of Fun for his town’s seaside association.

    His interesting and varied background includes stints as a rock band caterer and escort for Jackie Onassis. There was nowhere else to fit that in, but we thought you should know.